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 Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP)
Training Workshops

The Canton City Health Department provides free training for direct care staff in foster care and juvenile justice systems with funding from the Ohio Department of Health. Reducing the Risk (revised 5th edition) is an evidence-based curriculum on both abstinence and contraception to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS.  PREP also incorporates three adulthood readiness topics, which include healthy relationships, financial literacy, and career building skills.


This training is appropriate for staff that provides direct programming (groups etc.) to youth in their care. This training is not appropriate for County Children Services Case Workers or County Developmental Disabilities Care Coordinators unless they engage in instructive programming with youth. In addition, normal case coordination does not count as direct involvement. These educational programs are provided exclusively to youth in foster care and those involved with the juvenile justice system and are not provided in schools. The PREP is not appropriate for adjudicated sex offender youth.


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