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Contact Us

You can contact any of the following persons by using the contact information to the right.

                    Air Pollution Control Main Number: (330) 489-3385

Engineering, Permitting and Compliance:

Greg Clark                     Ext. 4666

David Hampton              Ext. 4661

Ronald Jones                 Ext. 4668

Sam Norman                 Ext. 4667

Ed Pabin                       Ext. 4659

Carl Safreed                  Ext. 4682

Ambient Air Monitoring and Inspections:

Jaclyn Hupp                   Ext. 4663

Linda Morckel                 Ext. 4665

Courtney Rusnak            Ext. 4664


Jaclyn Hupp                   Ext. 4663

Air Pollution Control Public Health Clerk:

Julie Edwards                 Ext. 4642