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Recycling Program - Free

Look below for a complete list of what we accept.  The short list is Tires, Paper/Glass, Electronics and household hazardous waste.  Click here for a copy or our E-Waste recycling brochure.

There is No Charge to drop off recyclables at our facility located at 742 Schroyer Avenue, SW, Canton (corner of Schroyer Avenue and Melchior SW).  Open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00am to 2:00pm (except for legal holidays) and Tuesday/Thursday for HHW (BY APPOINTMENT ONLY).  You can contact the Recycling Center at (330) 430-7869 if you have any questions.

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Commercial/Business E-Waste? Call us and it might be waste we can take.
Drive up service....we will pull it out of the car/truck for you

 Residents of Stark, Tuscarawas or Wayne Counties.
 12 tires per person per year.
 Car and light truck tires, on or off the rim.

Just pull in and drop off your Books (hard & soft cover)  Cardboard Boxes  Corrugated Cardboard Junk Mail  Magazines  Newspaper (including ads)  Office Paper  Telephone Books  Various Other Paper and Cardboard Items into the two brown dumpsters at the entrance.


Appliances, NO TUBE TV's but we WILL take Plasma, LED and LCD TV's!
Large and small - Air Purifiers  Alarm Clocks  Blenders  Dishwashers  Dryers  Fans  Lamps  Microwaves  Mixers  Ovens  Telephones  Toasters  Toaster Ovens  Vacuum Cleaners  Washers

Audio/Video Equipment
Cable Boxes  CD Players  DVD Players  LED/Plasma/LCD Tv's  Outdoor Antennas  Remote Controls  Satellite Boxes  Satellite Dishes  Stereos  Tape Decks  Turntables 

Computers And Office Equipment
Answering Machines
  Assorted Expansion Cords  Assorted Wires  Copiers  Cash Registers  Cell Phones  Docking Stations  Electric Typewriters  External Drives  Fax Machines  Ink Jet Cartridges  Keyboards  Laptops  Mainframes  Macs  Mice  Monitors (non tube) Pagers  PC's  PDA's  Printers  Scanners  Telephone Systems  Terminals (VDT's)  Typewriters  Word Processors


Auto and Small Engines
Assorted Parts
  Chainsaws  Engines  Lawn Mowers  Rototillers  Transmissions  Weed Whackers

Alkaline  Automotive  Cell Phone  Laptop  Lithium  NiCad  Notebook  UPS Systems

Exercise Equipment
Bicycles  Nautilus Machines  Treadmills  Various Other Exercise Equipment

Air Conditioners  Aluminum Siding  Ceiling Fans  Central Air  Copper Pipes  Furnaces  Screen Doors  Space Heaters  Steel Pipes  Storm Doors

Aluminum Cans  Aluminum Siding  Coat Racks  Chairs  Filing Cabinets  Fire Extinguishers  Lockers  Hangers  Oxygen Tanks  Propane Tanks  Steel Cans  Table  Various Other Metals

Assorted Plastics  Artificial Christmas Trees  Video Game Cartridges and Systems

Wire and Cable
AC/DC Adapters  Extension Cords  Jumper Cables  Phone Cable  Power Strips  Speaker Wire  Steel Cable


Residents can call to make an appointment 330-430-7869 ….Appointments are necessary to ensure we can handle the materials safely
Collection Hours: Every Tuesday and Thursday between 10am-2pm, every last Tuesday of the month from 10am-6pm.
No businesses waste permitted.
Acceptable wastes include: (All hazardous waste generated from a household)
Flammable Liquids (gasoline, kerosene, mineral spirits, acetone, xylene, lighter fluid, stain, Thomas Water Seal, varnishes, etc.), Aerosols, Pesticides, Insecticides, Herbicides, Fungicides, Corrosive Liquids (naval jelly, muriatic acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, toilet cleaners, sodium hydroxide, ammonia, Drano, caustic soda, 409 cleaner), Automotive Fluids (motor oil, antifreeze, hydraulic fluid, gear oil, fryer oil, etc.), items that contain Mercury (thermometers, thermostats, switches, etc), and Fluorescent Bulbs (tubes, compact, U-tubes, circular).
Wastes/items that are not acceptable:
Latex and Oil-Based Paints, Ammunition, Explosives, DEA-Regulated Material (Cocaine, Marijuana, Testosterone, Morphine, Oxycodone, etc.), Bio-Medical Waste (Bloody rags, Body fluids, etc.) Smoke Detectors and Fireworks.
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