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Public Notices of Canton City Board of Health

This page serves as the publishing method for the Board of Health under Ohio Revised Code Section 731.21. Canton City Health Code, Section 203.04 states that each Board of Health resolution shall be read (by title only) on three different days, provided the Board may dispense with this rule by a vote of at least three-fourths of its five appointed members. The following resolutions will undergo three readings before passage, unless voted on and passed as an emergency. Passed resolutions shall take effect ten days after the first publication or thirty days after passage, whichever is the later date.  

Emergency resolutions as specified in Ohio R.C. 3709.20 shall only take immediate effect if voted by two-thirds of the five appointed Board members and the reasons for such emergency are stated in one section of the resolution. Emergency resolutions take effect immediately, but shall be published below as required by law.

First Reading: 5/28/2024 

1) 2024-XX DRAFT Abatement of Public Nuisances (January 2024 - March 31, 2024) - Pass as an emergency

2) 2024-XX DRAFT Resolution Establishing the Construction and Demolition Debris Fund

3) 2024-XX DRAFT Resolution Establishing the RV Park_Campground Program Fund


Second Reading: 6/25/2024


Third Reading: 7/23/2024

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