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The Environmental Health Division's purpose is to protect our community's health through the prevention and control of environmentally related communicable diseases and through the minimization of exposure to environmental health hazards. Click here to view the Environmental Health staff and contact information. 

Our department of professionals is committed to…

  • Assessing the community's environmental health needs and to develop quality, science-based programs in response to these needs.
  • Monitor the community's environmental health status and to improve existing services based on changing conditions. 
  • Providing accurate information and quality educational outreach programs to our community.
  • Advocate the principles and values of public health.
  • Responsible and professional enforcement of public health regulations.
  • Professional conduct that inspires excellence in communication, problem solving, cooperation, teamwork, and public health service.
  • Make a difference within our community through coordination and collaboration with the public, industry and service organizations.

We take pride in serving our public, and most issues can be addressed by our personnel.  Below is a list of complaints we can address:

1.   Household sewage tmt
2. Mosquitoes & ticks
3.  Nuisance
4. Pools and Spas
5.  Private water systems
6. Rabies (Animal Bite)
7.  School Environment
8. Smoking in public places
9.  Solid and Infectious Waste
10.  Stormwater drainage
11. Tattoo and Body Piercing

All environmental health services are provided by sanitarians registered by the Ohio State Board of Sanitarian Registration.

Any complaint can be submitted via phone, email, in person, or letter during normal business hours or by calling the Division at (330) 489-3327.


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