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Lead Safe Tips for Families:

  1. Maintain paint in your home in an intact condition. Intact leaded paint is not a hazard.
  2. Hand washing of your child’s hands before meals, naps, and bedtime will help to reduce lead dust on their hands. Keep finger nails clean and trimmed.
  3. Provide a healthy balanced diet high in Calcium, Iron and Vitamin C. Proper diet can help the body absorb less lead. Talk with your child’s medical provider concerning dietary needs of your child.
  4. If your child likes to play in soil, provide a sand box with clean sand as a play alternative to bare soil.
  5. Do not let children play with metal toys, jewelry, or metal keys. These objects may contain lead which can be ingested when placed in your child’s mouth.
  6. Toys should be washed often. Only stuffed toys that can be washed should be given to your child. Don’t forget about washing pacifiers, as they often end up on the floor where they can get lead dust on them.
  7. Use washable floor mats at entrances to the home. This helps to keep lead dust out of the home. Having children remove shoes before entering the home can help also.
  8. Apply a layer of mulch 4-6" inches thick over existing soil within two feet of structure foundations. Maintain the mulch layer which can be an effective barrier between children and leaded soil.
  9. Plant grass on bare soil areas in your yard as it is also an effective barrier.

Your home may not be the only place your child spends time. Grandparents’ homes, child care sites and other places your child spends time may contribute to his/her lead exposure. Encourage friends, relatives, and daycare providers to adopt lead safe practices as well. For more information, contact the Canton City Health Department at (330) 489-3327.