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Stark County Public Health System Assessment Project

This is the home page for the Stark County Public Health System Assessment Project. This project, supported by the generous funding from the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Canton will:

  • Conduct a complete assessment of the public health system in Stark County using standards and tools from the Centers of Disease Control.
  • Evaluate the public health system in Stark County using the National Public Health Performance Standards.

Project Goals

  • Complete assessment of public health system using input from the community
  • Evaluation of the performance of the public health system
  • Develop a roadmap for improvement of the quality and performance of the public health system.

Background Information

This assessment will provide key information for the community and its public health departments in their efforts to improve the quality of public health services. Several national efforts are underway that will enable local public health departments to provide improved public health services for the community. The links below will help you gain some perspective on these efforts.
  • Public Health Accreditation - A voluntary program that will allow a local public health department to be evaluated against key performance standards.
  • National Public Health Performance Standards - A set of performance standards for local and state public health systems developed by the Centers for Disease Control and other public health partners. These are the standards and tools that will be used for this project assessment.
  • Public Health Foundation - Further information and resources related to public health performance and quality improvement of the public health system.
  • Assessment Project Background Documents - This is a link to a PDF file that contains a summary of the project grant application, logic model, assessment tools, and other information related to this project. The file is approximately 2 MB so it may take some time to download to your computer. You will need Adobe Reader to view this document.

Project Webiste

A project website has been developed for the steering committee. You can access the website here. This website contains the various meeting notices, agendas, and minutes for the project.

For More Information

If you would like more information about this project contact Jim Adams at 330-489-3231.


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