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Public Health Emergency Preparedness Grant

Due to the events world wide, the US Department of Homeland Security has issued grants to local and state health departments to develop plans addressing bioterrorism attacks.  While the chances of attacks are low, we have been developing plans in order to be prepared for this possibility.  Stark County has obtained a Public Health Emergency Preparedness grant from the Ohio Department of Health to plan and coordinate a countywide bioterrorism disaster plan.

Under the Public Health Emergency Preparedness grant the Planning Coordinator formed a committee to develop the countywide bioterrorism disaster plan.  The committee consists of various agencies throughout Stark County (see Health Partner Contacts & Links).  These agencies came together twice a month to discuss and construct the plan. 

The Disease Reporting and Epidemiology Advisory Committee was also formed.  The mission of this committee is to foster an environment whereby the four health departments in Stark County can develop plans that allow the greatest flexibility and efficiency in the provision of epidemiology services to the community.  The committee will develop these plans in an environment of respect, honesty, and spirit of service to the community.

The purpose of this plan is to design and manage an appropriate, timely response to a biological or other incident affecting the public health in Stark County.  The goal is to minimize the spread of disease and emotional distress, in addition to coordinating the plans of all hospitals, local health departments, first responders and other entities in a response across jurisdictional boundaries.

This plan will enable the four health departments within the county to coordinate resources and activities.  Furthermore, the four health departments established relationships to work together in the event of an emergency in which the situation goes beyond jurisdictional boundaries or the situation is too large for one department to handle on their own and need the help of other departments.

The countywide disaster plan has been completed and is updated annually.  The committee will continue to meet in order to maintain the plan and proceed with developing Standard Operating Guidelines.  Click here to view the Stark County Public Health Emergency Response Plan.

Stark County Medical Reserve Corps

The Stark County Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is a group of volunteers who can assist our community during emergencies, such as epidemics, natural disasters or acts of terrorism. MRC volunteers include, but are not limited to, physicians, nurses, fire fighters, paramedics, medical personnel, epidemiologists, veterinarians, dentists, office workers, and legal advisors.

Register to volunteer with Ohio's Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)

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