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Health Alert Network (HAN) Messages

The HAN enables the four health departments in Stark County to issue consistent and timely messages to our public health partners.  The database is maintained by the HAN Coordinator at the Canton City Health Department.  It is constantly updated, with an entire update completed annually.  Currently, the Stark County HAN database contains over 2,100 agencies and over 3,100 individuals.  The contacts are grouped into over 50 types of public health partners such as hospitals, EMS, police, fire, physicians, day care providers, veterinarians, schools, etc.  HAN information is distributed to the appropriate partners via e-mail, fax, and/or telephone.  

It you are interested in adding your agency to our database or for information about HAN messages prior to 2012, please contact the HAN Coordinator at (330) 489-3327.

The HAN messages for 2012 are listed below:

05/03/2012 - New Clinical Services offered at Canton City Health Department
Distributed to Hospitals, Emergency Departments, Urgent Care Facilities, Medical Education, Community Clinics and Internal Medicine, Family Practice and Cardiovascular Physicians

04/16/2012 - MOBI and AFIX Program and 2012 Child and Adolescent Immunization Schedules
Distributed to Stark County Family Practice Physicians, Pediatricians and Community Clinics

04/03/2012 - New Birth to 24 Months Gender Specific Growth Charts
Distributed to Stark County Physicians

02/29/2012 - Premature Infants Require Specialized Formulas
Distributed to Stark County Physicians and Hospitals