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Influenza Surveillance Reports

Influenza activity is monitored and reported weekly at the local, state and national levels.  Links to each of these reports are below.

Local activity is reported in the Stark County Influenza Snapshot.

This report is based on 5 key sources of influenza surveillance:

  • Sentinel providers:  An influenza sentinel provider conducts surveillance for influenza-like illness in collaboration with the state health department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Data reported by sentinel providers are combined with other influenza surveillance data to provide a national picture of influenza virus and influenza-like illness activity in the U.S.
  • Emergency room and stat care visits for three syndrome categories: respiratory, constitutional and influenza-like illness with fever.  Data source: Real-time Outbreak & Disease Surveillance, Data coverage in Stark County: 100%.
  • Laboratory confirmed reports from area clinics and hospitals which may include information on age, zip code and type of influenza.
  • School absenteeism from local public and private schools.
  • New since 2009, hospitalized cases of influenza.

Click below for the Influenza Surveillance Reports.  If you would like to view a report prior to 2013, please contact Amanda Archer at the Health Department at (330) 489-3327.

In 2023, an interactive respiratory dashboard replaced our weekly reports. The dashboard includes historical data on influenza-like illness and COVID-19 surveillance. 

Click here for the Respiratory dashboard. 

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For State of Ohio reports, visit the Ohio Department of Health's page on influenza.

For National reports, visit

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