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Patrick Wyatt

Mr. Wyatt is highly involved with the city of Canton. He works for the Pro Football Hall of Fame as the Operations Manager of Centennial Plaza and is co-owner of the Carpe Diem Coffee Shop in downtown Canton along with his wife, Cathy. He is also the past president of the Downtown Canton Special Improvement District (DCSID).

A son of Canton’s former Chief of Police, Thomas Wyatt, Mr. Wyatt himself served as a part-time detective and officer with the Jackson Township Police Department for 24 years. He also spent 36 years as a Senior Investigator for Nationwide Insurance. He continues to maintain a peace officer commission as a Special deputy with the Stark County Sheriff Office.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Management and a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership, both of which he obtained from Malone University.

Mr. Wyatt has served on the Board of Health of Canton City Public Health since 2015; his most recent appointment was in 2021. Mr. Wyatt is the current President Pro-Tem of the Board of Health.


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