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Section 3701.342 establishes the minimum standards for board of health and local health districts. A recent revision of those standards (2013) added the requirement that all board of health members complete two hours of continuing education credit each year. The areas of training are ethics, public health principles, and member’s responsibilities.

I would suggest that each board member complete the one hour introduction to “Ethics 101-The Ohio Ethics Law”. This training is available online at the website below. Following completion of this training a certificate of completion will be issued to the member. When you have completed this training, please make sure I have a copy of this certificate for our records. Thank you.

Ethics Training Link:

(The first link on the page is the training)

Public Health Principles and Member Responsibilities: Orientation


As part of our emergency preparedness efforts every board member should be familiar with the National Incident Management System and the Incident Command System. Below are two links to training that will give you a good understanding of the role of our department in any incident of national importance.

IS 100 Training Link:

IS 700 Training Link:


Health Districts 101 - A Basic Primer on Ohio's Health Districts

Training Link:

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