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Stark County THRIVE Pathways Hub

What is the Stark County THRIVE Pathways HUB?

How the Pathways HUB Works Infographic [PDF]

Stark County THRIVE Pathways HUB is an evidence-based model that helps us work together with our community to find families and individuals with the greatest risk and assure they are connected to medical, social, and behavioral health interventions through the outreach of local Community Health Workers (CHW). This electronic system, called the Care Coordination System or CCS, allows CHWs work closely with families to connect them to medical and social services to remove barriers to health and improve infant vitality.

What is a Community Health Worker?
Community Health Workers (CHWs) are frontline public health workers who are from and live in our community. Certified by the Ohio Board of Nursing, CHWs serve as a link for connecting individuals and families to facilitate access to medical, social, and behavioral services at no cost to improve infant vitality and promote quality of life. Referral for THRIVE CHW
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