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Strategic Plan and Organizational Performance 

How Canton City Public Health (CCPH) performs as an organization is an important part to improving the overall health of the community. CCPH has established a performance management system to monitor and assess its progress toward meeting identified goals, objectives, and desired community health improvement outcomes. Progress is assessed quarterly. Below is the most recent quarterly update on CCPH's organizational performance.

You can view Strategic Plan 2024 - 2027 here.

Quality Improvement

An important part to improving the performance of the Canton City Public Health (CCPH) organization is quality improvement. CCPH is committed to providing high quality services to the community in which it serves. An integral part of that is to continually assess and improve its programs and services. CCPH has a quality improvement (QI) plan to describe its QI program and structure, which includes a QI committee, reports of its progress toward QI goals, and completing QI projects. Click here for more information on CCPH quality improvement.





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