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Stark County Equity Institute on Infant Mortality

The Stark County Equity Institute on Infant Mortality is a three year collaborative project to study and improve infant mortality rates in Stark County. The project is part of a larger collaboration with the Ohio Department of Health called the Ohio Equity Institute. The first organizational meeting for the project was held on July 30, 2013. Additional meetings will be scheduled soon.

Currently Ohio ranks 48th in the nation in overall infant mortality and 49th in infant mortality for African American babies. The disparity in infant mortality between white infants and black infants in Ohio is among the worst in the nation. This trend cannot continue. The goal of the institute is to determine those factors that lead to infant mortality in our community and reduce the overall infant mortality rate as well as the disparity in birth outcomes relative to white and black infants. 

THRIVE has created a Collaborative Organizational Chart as seen here.  THRIVE stands for Toward Health Resiliency for Infant Vitality & Equity).

How it Works:  Stark County THRIVE Pathways HUB

Infant Mortality Facts: 2017 vs 2018 

This project is still in the early formation stages. More information on the project can be found at these locations:


For more information on this project contact Project Manager Dawn Miller at the Canton City Health Department at 234-410-3087.


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