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To report a communicable disease or any suspected outbreak of disease in the City of Canton during normal business hours (Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., excluding holidays), please call 330-489-3322 and ask to speak with a communicable disease nurse.

According to the Ohio Administrative Code, all laboratories, physicians, health care professionals and hospitals are to report suspected and confirmed cases of certain communicable diseases to the local health department. Communicable disease staff are responsible for the review and investigation of emerging and reportable infectious diseases within the City of Canton.

Program Objectives:

  • Case investigation –to gather specific details of a possible source, symptoms, contacts, and course of disease.
  • Surveillance - to systematically collect and analyze numbers pertaining to specific diseases.
  • Resource Reference – to facilitate access to medical and community resources.
  • Education – to provide health/disease information to healthcare professionals and the public (group presentations, written materials, etc.)

Coordination and collaboration with Stark County Health Department, Alliance City Health Department, Massillon City Health Department, and the Ohio Department of Health is an ongoing, integral component to the comprehensive operation of this program.


Please use the following forms when reporting a disease to Canton City Public Health:

Please fax completed forms to our secure fax line at 330-430-7857.

To report a communicable disease or any suspected outbreak of disease in the City of Canton after hours, please call 330-489-3322 and select the option to be transferred to an emergency dispatch operator.

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