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Opening a Restaurant

To ensure your facility falls within the Canton City jurisdiction, please check the Stark County Auditor websiteThe District Name MUST list Canton City.

Getting Started

Ohio Law requires that every food facility be licensed prior to operating in accordance with Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code 3717. All new food businesses and those performing extensive facility renovations/equipment replacement and/or changing ownership must complete the plan review process. If you have any questions regarding plan approval or licensing, please contact:

Geli Ellsworth at (330) 438-4659 or

Valerie Fletcher at (330) 438-4649 or (330) 445-4569 (Cell) or           

Step 1 – Contacting Proper Departments

You will need to contact the following departments:
Building/Code – (330) 430-7800 to receive information on permits and inspections
Fire Prevention Bureau – (330) 489-3420 to receive information on proper fire prevention steps you will need to take and also to make an appointment for inspection.

Step 2 – Submit Plans

Facility plans must be submitted and approved prior to any new facility construction, remodel, or renovations. Complete the attached Commercial Plan Review Questionnaire pages 1-14 (PDF) and submit to CCPH.

Required documents to submit:

1. Menu

2. Submit a to scale drawing/layout of the facility that includes the following:

 a. Interior Floor Plan - depicting all equipment, fixtures, general layout of all
    areas used for food preparation, entrances, and exits.
b. Plumbing Plan - showing all fixtures, types, water heater, direct and indirect
c. Lighting Plan - showing all fixtures, types, and locations.
d. Exterior Site Plan - showing building exterior, location of dumpsters, and 
    surrounding streets.

3. Submit the completed Commercial Plan Review Questionnaire, application and
    fee to the office located at: 420 Market Ave N., Canton, OH 44702.

Step 3 – Plan Review and Approval by CCPH

Your submitted questionnaire will be reviewed by our department. Your application and fee must be submitted at the same time for your questionnaire to be accepted. Our office has 30 days to review the complete set of plans. A letter will be mailed or emailed informing you of any additional information or changes that are required to meet Food code requirements.

Step 4 – Pre-Licensing Inspection

Prior to opening your establishment, it must be inspected by CCPH. Please contact our office to schedule this Pre-Licensing inspection once all construction is complete and facility is ready to open.

If the facility meets code requirements at the time of pre-licensing inspection, and has been approved by all other city departments involved it will be approved to operate once a completed license application and the license fee is received.

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If any additional questions, please contact: 

Geli Ellsworth at (330) 438-4659 or 

Valerie Fletcher at (330) 438-4649 or (330) 445-4569 (Cell) or  








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