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742 Schroyer Ave SW

Canton, OH 44707


Effective Immediately, we are OPEN on Tuesdays from 9a -3p and on Fridays from 9a-3p.

The Canton Recycle Center is open to all residents of Stark, Tuscarawas, and Wayne Counties.


ID is required


Patrons must stay in their vehicles

The Canton Recycle Center will be closed on the following days:

November 26th and 27th

December 23rd through January 11th 2021.

We will reopen on January 12th, 2021



Acceptable Items

Appliances (small and large)

·       Freon does not need to be removed from your fridge or other freon containing appliance.

·       No food or other materials may be inside; the Recycling Center has the right to refuse appliances with any food, liquid or other material inside.

 Electronics (all electronics)


·       Do not bring the items in a plastic bag.

·       A plastic tote or cardboard box should be sufficient. We will return any tote or cardboard box you wish for reuse.

·       If you have a large quantity of items, please keep like items together.

Household Hazardous Waste (Must be from your house) (motor oil, mixed gas, kerosene, diesel, gasoline, anti-freeze, fluorescent light bulbs, aerosols, oil-based paint, bleach, household cleaners, mercury containing devices, and lead acid batteries only)


(No propane, oxygen, butane, or any other cylinders)

·       For your safety, bring your items with vapors in closed containers.

·       Bring your materials in plastic totes if there is the possibility of leaking. Your tote will be returned to you if you wish. Do not bring in plastic bags or cardboard boxes if possible.

·       Please make sure that all caps are secured tightly

·       All Kerosene, Diesel and Gasoline should be brought in NFPA approved containers (plastic gasoline cans with cap secured or laundry detergent jug with secure cap.) Your container will not be returned to you.

·       Do not mix bleach and ammonia. This combination can be fatal.

·       How to Identify Oil Based Paint- identifying your paint is easy. Look on the back of the paint can for the cleanup section. Oil based paints must be cleaned up by mineral spirits or paint thinner. Latex can be cleaned up with water and soap. We do not accept Latex.


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