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The Environmental Health Division of the Canton City Health Department Food Safety provides the following services to the public and food industry: 

  • Inspects and regulates every type of food service and food establishment - restaurants, caterers, institutions, retail markets, mobile vendors, temporary and seasonal food facilities.
  • Investigates citizens complaints about unsafe or unsanitary conditions in food services and food establishments. 
  • Investigates allegations of contaminated food and foodborne illness.
  • Provides food safety information to the public. 
  • Reviews facility plans for new and/or remodeled food businesses. 


Food Safety Staff Title Phone Number Email 
Annmarie Butusov Director of Environmental Health (330) 438-4641
Geli Ellsworth Environmental Health Office Manager (330) 438-4659
Valerie Fletcher Environmental Health Specialist in Training (330) 438-4649


Rules and Regulations
Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code 2023 (PDF) 
Ohio Department of Health
Ohio Department of Agriculture




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