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Temporary Event Information

Temporary food permits are issued for special events that last no longer than five (5) days. Operators should contact the Canton City Health Department at least ten (10 ) days in advance of the event. Some exceptions do apply.

Following are guidelines that will assist your group or organization in the planning of your event.  Please feel free to contact the Health Department should you have any other questions regarding the sale of food for your event.

The Temporary Event Guidelines information sheet will assist you as you plan your event. The guidelines do not represent the entire Ohio Food Safety Code, but will help assist you in serving your customers a safe product and reduce the possibility of a food borne illness. You can access the entire Ohio Food Safety Code by visiting .

The Temporary Event Food Questionnaire must be filled out prior to the health department issuing a temporary permit.

Fees for a temporary event are $47.00 per event.  Each event will be inspected by health department personnel during the operating hours of the event.

Please call the Canton City Health Department during regular business hours, should you have any questions and to obtain an application once you have filled out the questionnaire.

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