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The vaccination of cats and dogs against the disease of rabies is important for several reasons. It minimizes the chance of a pet transmitting rabies to people. It also protects the pet from getting the disease from exposure to wild animals.

The Canton City Board of Health has passed a resolution (resolution 6/97) that requires all cats in the City of Canton to be properly vaccinated for rabies. This resolution amended chapter 221.11 of the Canton City Health Code, Rabies Control Standards. It became effective on March 1, 1998, and applies only to the residents of the City of Canton.

Complete copies of this resolution are available on request.

One thing we should all remember is to limit our exposure to animals that are not familiar to us.  Each year we investigate over 300 animal bites; many of them severe.  You should never put your face in the face of an animal, regardless if you own the animal in question.  Over half of our bite victims are owners of the cat or dog that did the biting.

If you are bitten, seek medical attention then contact our department.   If you have any questions or need further information about the vaccination of cats against rabies, please call Canton City Public Health at 330-489-3327. Requests can also be made by e-mail. Send your questions to .

Click here for the Animal Bite Report Form.  This form is used by medical professionals and health departments to report animal bites that occur with the boundaries of Stark County.

Click here for the current Rabies Compendium.

Click here for the Stark County Rabies Prevention Information Manual.

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For additional questions, please contact Hunter Jepsen at (330) 438-4653 or

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