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Contact Us

Our main contact information and normal office hours are listed in the box on the right side of this webpage.

You can contact any of the following persons by either:

Calling the Air Pollution Control Main Number: (330) 489-3385, then their 4-digit extension listed next to their name below

Or call them directly by dialing their direct number as listed next to their name below.

Or email them by clicking their name

If you need to contact us after hours, especially to inform us of a complaint or concern, you can either:

Call the APC main number and follow the prompts to leave a message on the APC/EH After Hours message line.

Or you can call the direct number of any of the persons you are trying to contact and leave them a message.

Or submit your complaint electronically through the city-wide SeeClickFix application at:

Division Leader:

                 Ext. 4640    Direct dial #: 330-438-4640

Engineering, Permitting and Compliance:

              Ext. 4661    Direct dial #: 330-438-4661

                 Ext. 4668    Direct dial #: 330-438-4668

                 Ext. 4667    Direct dial #: 330-438-4667

                       Ext. 4659    Direct dial #: 330-438-4659

                  Ext. 4682    Direct dial #: 330-438-4682

Ambient Air Monitoring and Inspections:

                 Ext. 4665    Direct dial #: 330-438-4665

                   Ext. 4663    Direct dial #: 330-438-4663

       Ext. 4664    Direct dial #: 330-438-4664


                  Ext. 4663     Direct dial #: 330-438-4663

Open Burning:

      Ext. 4664     Direct dial #: 330-438-4664

Technical Assistant:

            Ext. 4666     Direct dial #: 330-438-4666